Midshipman Henry Gallant at the Academy
By H. Peter Alesso

As I retire as Fleet Admiral of the United Planets, I consider it my duty to reveal my internal struggles that shaped my character while I was growing into a naval officer.

From my arrival at the Mars Space Academy as a naive lad of fifteen, I persevered through two grueling training years until my deployment to the battlecruiser, Repulse. My memories of those years often blur into emotional obscurity. But I will endeavor to recall them as objectively as possible so that those who come after me may learn from my missteps.

While my appointment to the academy was exciting, I arrived penniless and friendless. I knew no one and had no sponsor or support. At first, everything was bewildering and overwhelming. Yet, I had no idea how this journey would end, nor did I ever dream of someday reaching my current rank. Still, the trials and ordeals I endured during those nascent days serviced me well as I prepared to face the new and more complex challenges to come.

These are my recollections of those days. I hope they will serve others long after I pass.

Henry Gallant
Fleet Admiral of the United Planets